Measure the performance of your ecommerce, with Web Scores.

Web Scores is a real user experience testing app that helps you evaluate critical metrics for your online business, tracking how your web pages perform against real world field data.

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Web Scores - measure your ecommerce performance

Comprehensive insights monitoring, all in one place

Web Scores measures the areas critical to the success of your ecommerce. From page loading speed, site security, to code health, gain all the actionable insights you need to improve your online business.


Measure your webpage load speed, how responsive it is, and its stability in terms of layout shifts.


Verify that your website is accessible and easy to use for people with disabilities.

Best Practices

Audit your website according to industry accepted best practices for web development.


Analyze your ecommerce to ensure that it is optimized for search engine ranking and gets more relevant web traffic.

Progressive Web App

Validate Progressive Web App aspects to ensure your site has a reliable and high performing browsing experience.

Benchmark your performance, Beat the competition.

Benchmark your Lighthouse and Web Vitals scores against competing online stores. Analyze performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and PWA for a single market, or across multiple geographical locations.

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Web Scores Monitoring and Analysis

Monitor, optimize, and stay on top of your ecommerce

Web Scores monitors your  performance, and also highlights opportunities to build an easy to use, faster, and more secure web. Now, you can respond faster, optimize better, and stay on top of your ecommerce user experience.

Measure your score. Improve your performance.


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