Visual and UX errors affect sales. This is how Valido can help.

Visual UX Validation is an ecommerce testing tool that provides comprehensive real-time analysis of your online store's visual UI and user experience. Launch personalized tests at-speed, detect web errors with efficiency, and act quickly to remedy them.

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Visual and UX testing with Valido

No coding, no scripts. Test with confidence.

Valido’s goal is to make visual and UX testing easy, intuitive and to empower online stores to take control of ecommerce user experience. While Valido allows you to test yourself without the need to understand code or scripts, we are more than happy to lend a hand to help you achieve your business goals.

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You will have unrestricted access to the full set of visual and functional test features. Valido’s Knowledge Base provides all the resources you need to independently create, manage and execute tests.
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Leave the test creation to us. Our team will help you get your automated tests set up, customized to your needs and goals.
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We create and program the tests you need, across different user journeys such as navigation and checkout.
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You will have full access to monitor the test results from our interactive dashboard, and make tweaks to the tests as you see fit.
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Visual UX Validation X Factors


Adaptable to your business needs

Test the full spectrum of digital user experiences, from the user navigation to the checkout process.


Test across different locations

Validate the visual UI and UX of your ecommerce in different geographical markets.


Guarantee a responsive web

Comprehensive test coverage across multiple devices and screen resolutions.

Rapid and scalable

Accelerate UI and UX enhancements

Flexible and easy-to-customize tests, enabling teams to deliver site content and features with speed.

Interactive dashboard

Real-time performance monitoring

Dynamic visualization of test results that gives you immediate insights to improve your business.

Progressive Web App

Reliable performance with app-like features

Valido is built as a PWA: install on your desktop or mobile so that you can access it any time, any where.

Test, optimize, and deliver the perfect digital user experience.


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