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What is Visual UX Testing?
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Which parts of my online
store can I test with Valido?
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I manage several brands and
country websites. Is it possible
to test all of them?
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How much does Valido cost?
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What do I need to do
in order to setup Valido?
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How much technical
knowledge do I need to
operate Valido?
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What options do I have if
I don’t have resources to
manage my test?
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What is the Valido
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Do you support testing for
different device types?
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What is a test flow?
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What is a baseline?
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What is a similarity index?
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Can I customize the timing
of Valido's screen captures?
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Is it possible to exclude
dynamic UI elements
from testing?
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Do you have a how-to guide
on Valido’s functionalities?

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How can I ask for help?
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