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Valido, the leading visual validation platform for ecommerce

Valido is an innovative application designed to help online businesses deliver a consistent and optimal visual experience to their end users. But what does it actually do? What kind of features does it have? How exactly does it play a crucial role for ecommerce businesses? 

In this article, we will take the opportunity to talk about Valido’s conception and summarize some of its key features.

The evolution of Valido

While automated visual validation has slowly been gaining traction among software developers in recent years, it has not been widely adopted within the ecommerce space.

A barrier to entry for visual validation was the fact that most testing applications were either complicated to use, or did not effectively serve the needs outside the development community, such as those of digital sales & marketing teams striving to grow their online businesses.

This market gap was identified by a team of ecommerce specialists at Orienteed, through its extensive experience of delivering scalable digital solutions for businesses around the world. This was the exact moment when Valido was conceived, with the purpose of fulfilling the demand for better ecommerce UI testing.

The crucial role of Valido [and automated visual validation]

An ecommerce site can work perfectly and have all the features for users to purchase a product. However, if it is not intuitive or easy to navigate, it risks losing its customers to the competition. UI errors such as missing product information does not technically affect the functionality of a site, but can certainly impact online sales and the customer experience in a negative way.

Quality assurance teams have long realized that automated functional testing is poorly suited for detecting UI errors. Visual validation performed manually by testers and developers is tedious, and also does not guarantee full test coverage.

Valido rises above these challenges, delivering an automated and real-time visual validation service. It comprehensively verifies the visual accuracy of everything end users see and interact with in practical ecommerce use case scenarios.

Now, let’s dive into some of its features!

Test, Monitor, Take Action.

Valido is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based platform, meaning that it has minimal overhead to set up the test infrastructure. Ease-of-use is an important aspect of Valido; the tests are simple to configure, customize and to get up and running.

What sets Valido apart from the rest is its flexibility to create personalized tests for important ecommerce flows, such as category listing and product navigation, login & registration, and every step in the checkout and payment process.

Its ability to test websites in different geographical locations allows commercial teams to quickly detect unintentional UI errors that may occur during campaign executions or catalog changes for multiple markets.

Also, accessibility is a key aspect of Valido. Built as a fully-functional Progressive Web App, business and technical users alike are able to access it to monitor and view test results, anytime, anywhere.

Valido dashboard visualizations
Valido Test Monitoring Dashboard View: displaying a high-level overview of test results
Valido table of test sessions
Valido Test Session Review: indicating test results for specific ecommerce flows

Want to give it a try?

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. That is why we’d like you to try it out for yourself through our free trial.

Our goal for our customers: to make visual testing for e-commerce as simple & intuitive as possible, no-frills and personalized to your business needs.

If you are an ecommerce business looking for a test and monitoring solution for your online store’s UI and customer experience, our free trial provides complete access to the Valido automated testing platform.

Questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our contact page. More to come in this space, so stay tuned!