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Valido + Jira: integration to streamline your ecommerce testing and bug tracking

At Valido, we’re always looking for ways to help businesses improve their ecommerce user experience. One of the biggest challenges we’ve seen our customers face is in team collaboration, especially when it comes to identifying, tracking, and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Valido app integration with JIRA Software. Customers can now connect seamlessly with Jira to leverage its issue tracking and project management capabilities.

Why integrate Valido with JIRA?

The Valido and JIRA integration is designed to streamline the ecommerce testing and bug fixing process. With this integration, you can:

  1. Categorize and prioritize errors detected through Valido’s ecommerce testing: The Valido app has two solutions, Valido Web Score and Valido Testing, that detects errors in performance and the user experience. Within the app, you can quickly classify these errors based on issue type and priority. This ensures that the most critical issues are addressed immediately.
  2. Automatically open tickets in JIRA for seamless issue tracking and resolution: The integration allows you to automatically open and populate tickets in JIRA when issues are detected, streamlining the workflow and minimizing the risk of errors from manual data entry. This means that the IT team(s) responsible for resolving detected issues can easily track and manage them in JIRA, without having to constantly switch between different tools or systems.

Steps to enable the integration

To enable the integration, you need to link your JIRA account to the specific brand account in Valido. This will allow Valido to automatically create JIRA tickets for any errors marked as an issue through the app. 

Once the JIRA account is linked, any issue that is created through the app automatically generates a ticket with the issue type, priority, and description. Valido’s intelligent issue recognition feature automatically classifies the issue type, nevertheless reviewers and monitoring teams can also create a new issue category or select from the list of available issue types.

Create a JIRA ticket in just a few simple steps
Create a ticket in your JIRA project in just a few simple steps

Reviewers can then prioritize and assign these tickets to the relevant team members in JIRA, and track their progress until they are resolved.

Setting up our customers for success

Valido’s JIRA integration offers several benefits to customers:

  • Faster issue resolution: By streamlining the process of issue tracking and resolution, IT teams can focus on fixing issues detected by Valido and improving the ecommerce user experience.
  • Improved collaboration: The integration helps to bring different teams together, facilitating collaboration between stakeholders, those who review/monitor issues in Valido, and those who resolve them in JIRA.
  • Greater efficiency: By automating the process of creating JIRA tickets, the integration minimizes the risk of errors and the effort needed for manual data entry.

At Valido, we’re committed to helping ecommerce businesses achieve their goals. The partnership with JIRA is just one example of how we’re working to make ecommerce testing and bug fixing easier and more efficient.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Valido’s ecommerce testing can help your ecommerce business, contact us today.

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