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Valido App: 2023 Retrospective and Glimpse into 2024

Valido App 2023 Retrospective and Glimpse into 2024

As we reach the end of the first month of 2024, it’s time for Valido App to take centre stage in its own retrospective. The past year saw innovation and tremendous progress, as we relentlessly pursued excellence.

Why a “Retrospective”? It goes beyond a mere glance back. For us, it is a deliberate and thoughtful process of identifying what effectively met the needs of our customers, what fell short, and most importantly, why. It is a compass guiding us toward refining our solutions, ensuring that every stride forward is purposeful and informed by the lessons of the past.

Join us as we not only reflect on the strides that Valido App has made in 2023, but also offer a glimpse into the exciting developments to come in 2024.

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January: Launch of Valido App Version 1.0

January 2023 marked a pivotal moment for the Valido App, as we embarked on a transformative journey with the launch of Version 1.0. The primary focus was to elevate Valido beyond being just a visual UI testing tool to a comprehensive testing and monitoring app for ecommerce businesses. 

There were a number of challenges that the Valido team faced. It had to expand its scope to incorporate other important test features that integrated seamlessly with its visual testing capabilities. This transition demanded meticulous planning, addressing the unique requirements of Valido App’s diverse user base, ranging from ecommerce store owners and QA professionals to project managers and digital marketing specialists.

Enhanced Visualization for Actionable Insights

Valido App - Enhanced Visualization Dashboards

As part of Version 1.0, the team also expended significant effort to enhance visualization dashboards, providing our customers with in-depth insights into ecommerce user experience and performance. These dashboards became a cornerstone in our mission to offer a one-stop monitoring solution for online businesses.

Navigating this shift required fine-tuning our approach to provide a seamless testing experience. The launch of Valido App Version 1.0 laid the foundation for the enhancements that would follow in the subsequent months of 2023.

March: Valido Web Score Integration with BigCommerce

In March 2023, Valido App took a major step by integrating Valido Web Score with BigCommerce, providing store owners with a potent tool to monitor and enhance web performance.

BigCommerce store owners now had a user-friendly tool at their disposal to extract actionable insights on improving page speed performance and boosting conversions. Valido Web Score simplifies the complexities of performance testing with its clear reports and AI-powered recommendations.

Flexible and Customized Web Performance Testing

Recognizing the unique needs of BigCommerce stores, Valido tailored the integration to seamlessly align with the platform’s intricacies, ensuring a smooth, tailored test setup and execution process.

One of the standout features demanded by Valido Web Score users was its benchmarking feature, enabling businesses to compare Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse metric scores across different devices and locations, gaining valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Valido Web Score is available on the BigCommerce Marketplace here. It comes included with all the features that Valido App offers, including Valido Testing.

April: Valido App Integrates with Jira

Valido integrated Jira Software, the market-leading issue and project tracking software, to enhance issue tracking, management, and bug-fixing processes for ecommerce businesses. Paired alongside Valido’s solutions, Valido Web Score and Valido Testing, issues can now be efficiently categorized and prioritized, providing a systematic approach to addressing critical issues.

Efficient Issue Management

One of the key advantages of this integration was the automatic creation of Jira tickets as errors were detected through the Valido App. This streamlined workflows and minimized errors associated with manual data entry.

Integrating with a market leader like Jira posed some challenges. Nevertheless, the deep understanding of both platforms ensured that the Valido team was able to navigate them successfully, ensuring a successful integration and further benefiting our customers.

You can explore the details of this integration here.

June: ChatGPT Integration and Personalized Ecommerce Onboarding

In June 2023, Valido App took a significant stride forward by integrating ChatGPT into its platform. This integration aimed to harness the capabilities of AI for more personalized solutions, based on the test insights delivered by the app. It enabled Valido to leverage the latest machine-learning technologies to address individual business needs.

During this same period, Valido introduced an upgraded onboarding experience tailored specifically for ecommerce. The improvements aimed to guide new users seamlessly (and quickly) through the process, automating basic test creations that aligned with their unique testing objectives.

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July: Valido App Mid-Year Review, Valido SDK, and API Testing

During this time, Valido conducted a comprehensive mid-year review, based on retrospection and customer feedback. This review paved the way for subsequent enhancements to come in the 2nd half of the year.

Up until this point, Valido customers have been accustomed to the user-friendly interface of Valido App for their testing needs. Recognizing the evolving demands for more flexibility and seamless integration into automated workflows, we introduced the Valido SDK. If you are seeking a more dynamic and tailored testing experience and would like to learn more about our SDK, do check out Orienteed’s introductory article and our Knowledge Base tutorial.

In tandem with the SDK launch, Valido App has also introduced API testing within its test suite. By incorporating API testing into our offerings, Valido reaffirms its commitment to providing holistic testing solutions that address the diverse needs of our users.

September: Session Recording Feature for Enhanced UX Testing

Valido achieved another significant milestone with the launch of the Session Recording feature in mid-September. Initially introduced as a beta, this feature has since evolved, offering a robust set of capabilities in the context of UX monitoring and rapid test creation.

Benefiting Multiple Teams

  • Quality Assurance (QA): Speed up the creation and execution of test cases for functional, visual, and regression testing.
  • Development: Utilize real user data for the verification of newly deployed functionalities.
  • Support Teams: Swiftly diagnose and resolve issues with the playback of user journeys.
  • Marketing and Commercial Teams: Gain deeper insights into user behaviour and campaign effectiveness, putting themselves in their customers’ shoes.

One-Click Test Generation for No-Code Testing

Creating test scenarios for ecommerce QA traditionally involves coding and manual effort. With Valido App’s Session Recording, users were able to generate user journey tests with a single click, utilizing data from recorded sessions. In addition, they were able to gain insights from its Playback feature, by watching real user sessions with controls for speed adjustment, fast-forwarding, rewinding, or pausing videos. This simplified the identification of pain points, facilitating data-driven improvements for a seamless user experience.

October: Valido App Integration with Trello

Valido added Trello to its family of integrations. With this integration, customers who were already Trello users could seamlessly connect with their Trello boards, harnessing its powerful task management capabilities for efficient collaboration. Another important goal of this integration was to help customers streamline their entire testing workflow, providing a holistic solution from issue detection to troubleshooting and resolution.

2023 Roundup and Glimpse into 2024

2023 has been a remarkable year for the Valido App, marked by challenges and triumphs alike. Our mission remains the same today as it was a year ago: to make ecommerce testing accessible to all.

The milestones we achieved validated our journey. Beyond the successes of integrating market-leading platforms such as BigCommerce and Jira, the challenges we faced served to fuel our growth. We wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of catering to a diverse population of testers, whether it may be QA professionals, support technicians, or a digital marketer looking to optimize his ecommerce store conversions.

Intelligent Test Automation was an important focal point for us in the past year, and will continue to be for 2024. Valido App is pioneering AI-driven testing solutions for ecommerce businesses, and we intend to further leverage AI & Machine Learning to help our customers improve the user experience and performance of their ecommerce stores. There is vast potential in this space, such as having intelligent testing that automatically adapts to changes in user behaviour, and we will pursue these possibilities. 

What else is in our roadmap for 2024? We already have a few surprises coming, so be sure to stay tuned to our blog for the latest Valido App updates. See you again very soon!

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