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Valido Integrates Trello: Seamless Ecommerce Testing and Task Management

Valido Integrates Trello For Seamless Ecommerce Testing and Task Management

One of the key factors driving successful ecommerce quality assurance and support teams lies in effective management of results derived from testing. The challenges often revolve around keeping issues organized and presenting data across teams in a clear and actionable manner. As such, we’re thrilled to announce the integration of Trello with the Valido App.

With this integration, our customers can now seamlessly connect with their Trello boards, harnessing its powerful task management capabilities for efficient collaboration and issue resolution. Want to learn more about it? Read on below!

How The Trello Integration Enhances Your Testing Workflow

Valido App brings no-code ecommerce test automation to life. Meanwhile, Trello gives an additional hand to your efforts by optimizing your issue tracking and management workflow. Here’s how the partnership benefits you:

Efficient Task Creation, Assignment and Management

Valido offers two core solutions – Valido Web Score and Valido Testing, which detect issues in web performance and the user experience respectively. With Trello connected, you can automatically create and populate Trello lists and cards when bugs are identified through the Valido App. This enhances team productivity and reduces the likelihood of errors from manual data entry.

Streamlined Issue Resolution

Trello’s integration into Valido streamlines the entire testing workflow, from the initial issue detection, troubleshooting, to resolution. It enables both testing and support teams to get a clear view of issues, who’s doing what, and what efforts need to be prioritized. Businesses that use the Valido App to automate their test efforts now have the option to use Trello to effectively track and manage detected issues for their ecommerce projects.

Activating Trello In The Valido App

To activate the integration, navigate to your brand settings in the Valido App and click the option to connect your Trello account.

Once you have connected the board you want associated with the brand, Valido will give you the option to generate Trello cards for any marked issues, automatically populating details such as steps to reproduce the error, possible solutions, screenshots, and log files where available. This integration also gives you the flexibility to create new issue categories or add issues to existing Trello cards.

Setting Up Customers for Success

The Trello integration offers numerous advantages to our customers:

Swift Issue Resolution: By simplifying issue tracking and resolution, teams can quickly and effectively focus on addressing Valido-detected issues and enhancing the ecommerce user experience.

Enhanced Collaboration: The Trello integration keeps all of the information your teams need organized and in one place, promoting collaboration between QA testers, developers, and other support teams.

At Valido, we’re committed to supporting ecommerce businesses in achieving their testing and monitoring objectives. Our partnership with Trello is a testament to our dedication to making ecommerce testing and issue management simple, scalable, and efficient.

To discover how Valido’s ecommerce testing can benefit your business, contact us today.

About Valido

Valido is a leading provider of intelligent test automation solutions for optimizing ecommerce performance and user experience. The Valido App consists of two solutions, Valido Web Score and Valido Testing, utilizing the power of AI and machine learning to help businesses effectively boost their web performance and adapt to changing user behaviour.

About Trello

Trello is a popular task management and collaboration tool that empowers teams to organize and prioritize tasks, streamline workflows, and improve productivity. It provides a visual and flexible approach to managing projects and tasks, making it a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

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