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Top Codeless Test Automation Tools For Ecommerce 2024

Top Codeless Test Automation Tools For Ecommerce 2024

Test automation was not always popular as it is today. In the early days, there were many automation failures due to the inability of tools to adapt to dynamic situations. The detection of false positives was a common challenge. Testers had to regularly check and maintain test scripts because testing might sometimes pass or fail. Then came codeless test automation tools, also known as no-code.

Codeless test automation tools are now in the forefront in overcoming test automation challenges. The shift towards such tools is mainly because of the elimination of the need for coding skills, and the reduction of time required to create and maintain recurring test cases. Here are the top codeless automation testing tools that are revolutionizing the ecommerce testing industry.

Valido App

Valido logo

Valido App is an all-in-one solution that brings codeless test automation to the forefront of ecommerce Quality Assurance. Whether you are a QA engineer, developer, ecommerce store owner, project manager, or digital marketer, Valido empowers testers of all skillsets with its user-friendly interface and intuitive features. Valido App lets you personalize automated testing for various ecommerce user journeys, accelerating the speed of delivery and ensuring quality in the user experience.


  • Codeless test automation platform with UI/UX testing capabilities
  • Personalized automated testing with easy drag-and-drop configuration
  • Cloud-based, no software download or installation required
  • Collection of pre-built templates for rapid test creation
  • AI capabilities for recommended solutions and Machine Learning for test optimization
  • Integration with Jira and Trello for streamlined issue tracking and bug-fixing process
  • Interactive dashboards and advanced reporting that provide actionable insights
  • Session recording features for one-click test generation and enhanced monitoring of end-to-end user journeys.

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Katalon Studio

Katalon logo

Katalon Studio is a popular choice for its wide range of testing capabilities across APIs, web, mobile, and desktop applications. Katalon’s features are easy-to-use for beginners and experienced testers.


  • Built-in project templates, test-case libraries, keywords, and object repositories
  • Advanced Business-Driven development features
  • Automatically generate tests based on UI changes
  • Robust and comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Built-in integrations such as Test Management and Issue Management


Leapwork logo

Leapwork is a cloud-based, codeless test automation tool supporting multiple types of applications like Web, Windows, SAP, and more. Leapwork’s codeless capabilities and pre-defined building blocks save time and improve productivity for testing teams.


  • Visual flow builder with drag-and-drop building blocks
  • Codeless capabilities for testing teams
  • Reuse automation flows across different test cases
  • Cross-browser testing and parallel executions
  • Well-documented knowledge base for early adopters
  • Effortless integration with existing DevOps toolset


Perfecto logo

Perfecto, or TestCraft, is another codeless testing platform for mobile and web apps. This cloud-based testing platform supports multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers. Perfecto provides a cloud-based solution for codeless testing, allowing testing teams to work on various devices and platforms.


  • Advanced reporting functionalities
  • Support for multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers
  • Cloud-based testing platform
  • Error capture and early fix analysis
  • AI-based maintenance capabilities
  • Utilizes Selenium test scripts

Cloud QA

CloudQA logo

Cloud QA stands out as a high-performing cloud-based codeless test automation platform. It supports a wide range of web applications and frameworks, making it an end-to-end solution. Cloud QA offers robust testing features with parallel test execution, and seamless integration with various tools.


  • Built on top of Selenium
  • End-to-end platform for test creation, editing, maintenance
  • Seamless integration with popular DevOps tools
  • Supports a wide range of web applications and frameworks
  • Consumption-based pricing model

Lambda Test

Lambda Test logo

Lambda Test is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform, supporting codeless automation. It allows users to perform live interactive testing and run parallel tests on a scalable Selenium grid. Lambda Test enables users to perform efficient cross-browser testing with codeless automation capabilities.


  • Cloud-based cross-browser testing
  • Codeless automation capabilities
  • Live interactive testing
  • Parallel test execution
  • Scalable Selenium grid
  • Integration with popular CI/CD tools

Wrapping Things Up

The present and future demand for codeless automation testing tools are on an upward trajectory, driven by the need for efficient and reliable testing solutions requiring minimal technical expertise. Therefore it is critical for codeless tools to offer benefits such as speed, scalability, and enhanced cross-team collaboration. 

Each codeless test automation tool above has excellent benefits, but it’s crucial to identify the areas that are most critical to your team needs, especially when it comes to ecommerce quality assurance. With thoughtful consideration of ease-of-use, integrations, customization, and pricing, you are equipped to choose the solution that can help you fulfil the vision of your online business.

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