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Monitoring in ecommerce: Maximizing your online store performance with the Valido App.

Discover how to monitor your ecommerce performance and improve sales.

In an ever-changing digital world, every detail counts.

A small error can significantly affect your customers’ experience, ultimately impact sales and damage your brand reputation. This is where monitoring tools play a crucial role in ensuring that your online store works optimally at all times and provides an exceptional user experience.

Valido is dedicated to maximizing the performance of your digital store, helping you to deliver better user experiences and greater conversions. Through its intelligent monitoring and testing features, Valido enables you to effectively identify and resolve issues, ensuring that your customers enjoy smooth and secure browsing on your platform.

Now, let’s explore how you can monitor your ecommerce and raise the satisfaction of your customers to the highest level!

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Discover how Valido’s Monitoring solution can completely transform the performance of your digital business.

Cut Monitoring, Cut Profits.
Why monitoring matters in ecommerce.

In the ecommerce user experience, every interaction counts and every second matters. Support and monitoring teams face many challenges when trying to ensure the smooth operation of their online stores. Any incident that occurs on your ecommerce platform has the potential of putting your entire business at risk. The bottom line is: neglecting monitoring for your ecommerce means leaving money on the table.

Here are the most common challenges in ecommerce monitoring:

UX errors and bugs come in many forms, such as checkout failures, pages that load incorrectly, or visual errors. These incidents can cause frustration for your users and lead them to abandon their shopping carts. If occurring frequently, they ultimately impact customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Inconsistencies in your online store’s performance can cause confusion for users or lead them into feeling disoriented while browsing. When the user experience lacks consistency across different devices or browsers, visitors may not trust your platform for making purchase.

A slow loading time is one of the main causes of cart abandonment. Customers expect a fast and smooth experience, and if your online store doesn’t meet those expectations, they’re likely to look for a better purchase experience elsewhere, such as your competitors.

As your online store grows and scales, you are likely to integrate new functionalities and features to improve the user experience. However, ensuring that these updates do not negatively affect current site functionalities can be challenging, especially for professionals responsible for monitoring and support.

Online stores handle sensitive customer information, such as personal data and payment methods. Protecting data and transaction security is essential to establish brand trust and credibility. Security vulnerabilities need to be proactively addressed to protect both your business and your customers.

Ecommerce companies face a major challenge in finding specialized monitoring talent, as well as choosing the right tools (ideally those that do not require coding) to support such teams. Additionally, there is productivity costs associated with manual testing work.

At Valido, we understand the severity of these challenges. and we are here to offer you effective solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to identifying, addressing and overcoming these obstacles so that your online store stands out against the competition.

Deliver a better user experience with Valido, the leading test automation and monitoring tool for ecommerce.

The Valido App is a monitoring and test automation tool built for ecommerce businesses. Its no-code features allow it to be used not only by support and monitoring teams, but also by digital marketers, business professionals, and non-technical teams.

Valido enables you to monitor user experience and performance metrics, audit your online store, and benchmark your site against the competition, all in a single platform. Important insights are visualized in user-friendly, interactive dashboards, so you know what to focus and improve on.

The Valido App offers you the most essential thing to grow your online business: actionable insights for your ecommerce.


Main features of Valido

Web Score monitoring:

Valido Web Score offers online retailers best-in-class tools to monitor the most important metrics that impact user experience and conversions, such as Web Vitals, Lighthouse Performance, Accessibility, SEO, Best Practices and PWA (Progressive Web Application). The Valido App dashboard enables you to measure and analyze results across multiple brands, countries, languages, and pages.


Valido Testing is the premier tool for monitoring your ecommerce user experience. It not only examines single web pages, but also considers all the critical interactions in your ecommerce user journeys, such as the homepage navigation, product listing pages, product detail pages, landing pages, as well as the real checkout experience across different country sites and languages. The intelligent test automation features allow store owners to perform real-time monitoring and quickly catch UX bugs before they impact customers.

Alerts and historical results:

Valido’s tests are programmable and run automatically. Valido eliminates manual testing so that you can focus your resources on more important tasks. Historical results and detailed analysis from the app allow you to immediately understand the potential impact of performance and UX issues, as well as site changes such as newly implemented features, catalog updates, marketing campaigns, etc. The app’s notification features enables effective real-time monitoring, generating alerts when critical service or revenue-impacting issues are detected on your ecommerce site.


Valido Web Score also offers the ability to track and compare key metrics with your direct competitors. By displaying competitor results on interactive dashboard visualizations, business teams can easily understand how much they benefit from implementing optimization strategies, as well as determine how they fare against competitor stores for each metric area.

VISUAL AND User experience testING:

Valido Testing enables you to rapidly identify visual UI and UX issues for your online store. This powerful testing tool provides comprehensive analysis in real-time. Through Valido’s customizable and automated testing, you can efficiently detect errors in the user experience, and resolve them quickly before they impact conversions.

Whether you are a Ecommerce Manager, a Digital Marketer, or Technical Support Specialist, the Valido App makes it easier than ever before to ensure that your ecommerce operations go smoothly, thus enhancing your online store performance and customer satisfaction.

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Test and monitor your online store, all in one tool. Secure your brand reputation.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Guarantee an exceptional experience by eliminating errors, optimizing performance and ensuring smooth navigation for your online store. By enhancing customer satisfaction, you boost loyalty and positive word of mouth, which translates into more sales conversions.

  • Accelerated Page Loading Speed

    By continuously testing, monitoring and optimizing the performance of your online store, you gain faster loading times. Valido helps you detect and resolve issues causing delays, increase user retention and reducing cart abandonment rates.

  • Elimination of Bugs and Errors

    Through extensive and detailed monitoring, you can identify and fix bugs before they affect your customers. This ensures you can deliver a reliable and consistent shopping experience on your platform, creating a sense of trust and professionalism in your brand.

  • Adaptability and Compatibility

    Test your online store on a wide range of devices, browsers and operating systems to ensure that it works optimally on each platform. This allows your customers to access your store anywhere and from any device, increasing accessibility and user satisfaction.

  • Agility in Implementing Updates

    Deploy new features quickly and with confidence, without having to worry about undetected bugs. With a strategic focus in Monitoring and Testing, Valido allows you to verify that every functionality for your online store works as expected.

  • Protection of Data Security and Privacy

    With a rigorous security evaluation, you can securely protect your customers’ data. Valido enables you to detect security vulnerabilities in your online store, ensuring that you comply with current data protection standards and strengthening trust in your brand.

  • Cost and Time Savings

    Manual testing is a tedious process. With Valido’s intelligent monitoring and test automation capabilities, you will be able to detect and solve problems efficiently, saving time and costs for your business.

  • Competitive advantage

    Benchmarking enables you to gain accurate insight of your market standing. By achieving high level of quality and performance, you stand out from the competition and attract more potential customers who are looking for a flawless shopping experience.

By integrating Valido App into your monitoring strategy, you can ensure your customers an incredible online experience that will keep them coming back for more. It is for this reason that our client’s monitoring teams and online store owners have trust in our solution.

Renowned company avoided a loss of 50% of its monthly sales with Valido Monitoring.

Seeking the continuous improvement of its ecommerce for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, a renowned company in the food sector, with thousands of sales per month, began to use Valido App as part of its Monitoring and Testing strategy.

After the first four weeks of testing and monitoring of the ecommerce, incidents were detected related to the performance or loading speed of the online store, pricing and promotions, visual UI errors, shipping cost errors, among others.

Of a total of 36 incidents, at least 4 of them had a major impact towards the business. A critical issue in the page loading speed of the company’s entire ecommerce was identified thanks to Valido’s real-time monitoring.

Monitoring and detecting critical issues:

Longer loading times were detected throughout the company’s online store. In particular, product pages either took very long too load or did not finish loading at all.

UX Insight:

According to Google, 53% of digital consumers abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load. Yes, 3 seconds can make a big difference in the survival of an ecommerce.

Impact on the business:

Taking into consideration the company’s online sales and a projection of the impact on customer behaviour, the use of Valido’s monitoring tool enabled the company to identify and optimize specific areas in its site performance. The subsequent improvements represent 50% of its sales, an average of €32,000 per month.

business case monitoring in ecommerce

“With Valido’s monitoring solution, we are now running daily UX testing and supervision for our two main markets. The platform has already helped us make improvements to our ecommerce and continues to do so.”

Supercharge your ecommerce with Valido’s monitoring solutions. Boost your conversions today.

The Valido App, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Your ecommerce user experience and performance are our top priorities. We are committed to providing specialized ecommerce monitoring solutions that exceed your expectations and significantly improve the performance of your online store. That’s why we back our services with a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Commitment to Excellence:

    Our solution strives to provide you with monitoring capabilities that meet the highest standards. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Valido App, we will work to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

  • Focus on your Needs:

    We understands that every online business is unique. We are committed to adapting our solutions to your specific needs. Our goal is to offer customized solutions that address the challenges facing your ecommerce.

  • Transparent Communication:

    Maintaining clear and open communication with our customers is important to us. We are available to support you at all times, and ensure you get the most out of Valido’s monitoring capabilities.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    We constantly look for opportunities to improve our tools and processes. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, and we use them to refine our approach and offer you the best features to monitor your online store.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our solution, we promise to work with you until you are 100% satisfied. Our Satisfaction Guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that we are committed to your success and will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

At Valido, we believe that a successful relationship with our clients is based on trust, transparency and mutual commitment. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is our promise that we are here to support you every step of the way to achieving a top-level, successful online store.

Ecommerce monitoring is our bread and butter.

This is why we believe we are the perfect match for your business.

  • In-depth experience in ecommerce

    Valido is built by ecommerce specialists with extensive and solid experience in digital transformation. Valido serves the leading brands, giving us an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the industry.

  • Specialized Monitoring and Testing

    We specialize exclusively in monitoring and testing services for ecommerce, which allows us to dedicate all our experience and resources to optimizing the UX and performance of your online store.

  • Team of Highly Trained Experts

    Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who are passionate about ecommerce. Their deep knowledge and technical skills allow us to guarantee superior and efficient results.

  • Customer Centered Approach

    We place our customers at the center of everything we do. We listen to your needs, offer you personalized solutions and provide you with a service tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Modern Technology

    We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to carry out our testing and monitoring. This allows us to accurately identify problems and address them efficiently, helping you in your business strategy.

  • Proven Results

    Our success stories and testimonials from satisfied customers support our ability to improve the performance of online stores and generate a positive impact on business results.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our robust Satisfaction Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to provide you with quality solutions and working with you until you are 100% satisfied.

  • Comprehensive Approach

    Our monitoring solutions cover all key aspects of your online store, from performance, security, to the user experience. We offer you a complete solution to ensure that your ecommerce platform operates optimally.

  • Efficiency and Time Saving

    Our strategic and efficient approach to Monitoring and Testing will allow you to save valuable time and resources, while obtaining fast and effective results.

  • Long-Term Partner

    We are committed to being your long-term partner in the success of your online store. We stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies to make sure your business is always ahead of the curve.

At Valido, developed by Orienteed, our passion for quality, ecommerce excellence, and a customer-focused approach make us the ideal option to improve the user experience and performance of your online store.

Trust us to take your business to the next level and improve the shopping experience for your customers. We are ready to help you achieve the success for your online business!

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