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Valido App 2.0: Health Check Monitoring and Enhanced Test Generation

Valido App 2.0: Health Check Monitoring and Enhanced Test Generation

Welcome to the next era of ecommerce test automation with Valido App 2.0. We’re excited to announce the details of our latest release, in which we’ve incorporated Health Check Monitoring and improved test creation features into our test suite. Valido App 2.0 has also amplified the capabilities of the tool to address the specific challenges faced by ecommerce store owners, digital marketers, and QA teams. 

In this announcement, we unveil the recent enhancements in Valido App 2.0, reinforcing our commitment to providing a robust solution for ecommerce businesses seeking to automate and improve their testing and monitoring processes. If you’re curious to learn more, read on!

Health Check Monitoring – Assessing the Vital Signs of Your Ecommerce

Did you ever wonder about the true health of your ecommerce site? Issues such as poor page speeds and non-loading images are possibly symptoms of a greater ailment, causing your ecommerce site to be less profitable than it could be.

Valido App 2.0 now introduces Health Check Monitoring that comprehensively assesses the vital signs of your ecommerce. The Health Check is an essential audit for ensuring that your ecommerce web is functioning properly and providing the best possible experience for your users across all devices. It swiftly examines the visual UI and Core Web Vitals of your ecommerce pages. 

By combining the automated testing capabilities of Valido Testing and the comprehensive web performance monitoring of Valido Web Score, you can observe all the indicators of how healthy your digital business is from one location.

Monitoring Web Performance Metrics with Valido Web Score

Automated Functional Testing – End-to-end User Experience Monitoring

In addition to Health Check Monitoring,  our test suite also consists of the automated Functional Testing module. Here, users have quick access to scrutinize their customer journeys, gaining deeper insights into their ecommerce user experience, APIs, and client/server communication. Valido App’s Functional Testing makes it easier than ever to detect and resolve user experience bugs, ensuring a seamless and efficient monitoring process.

Driven by Valido Testing, the Functional Testing module empowers users with actual end-to-end user experience monitoring capabilities. Whether it is to validate the smooth flow of the checkout process or the responsiveness of API integrations, Valido App’s Functional Testing provides a more refined and effective approach to quality assurance testing.

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Improved Navigation and Dashboard Visualizations

With the latest release, navigation in the app is now simpler, with dashboards, test configurations and other settings easily accessible via the side panel. 

Valido App maintains two primary dashboards for viewing test results for Valido Testing and Valido Web Score. In particular, the Valido Testing dashboard now features a view of API request status, in order for customers to monitor integrations and API services. This ensures that each API configured for their ecommerce is working as expected.

Valido Testing Dashboard

Revolutionizing the Test Creation Experience

Valido App 2.0 revolutionizes the automated test creation process by offering users more flexibility in their options. The App now has three test creation options to choose from:


Firstly, users can leverage predefined templates for common test flows like checkout, navigation and user registration. This option provides intuitive steps for quick and efficient test generation. 

Session Recording

Back in September, Valido App first introduced the beta version of its Session Recording feature. Since then, our ground-breaking feature has graduated into its complete form, enabling  users not only to record user activity using Valido’s browser extension, but also to generate test flows from the session recordings. This innovative approach simplifies the configuration of test steps automatically, making the entire testing process more intuitive and user-friendly.

Valido App Session Recording

Valido SDK

For those who prefer a tailored approach, the integration of Valido’s SDK allows users to connect their own test project and analyse test results seamlessly within the Valido environment. This option not only provides flexibility in the test creation experience but also caters to the diverse needs of our users, ensuring a versatile and efficient testing solution.

Stay tuned in this space as our team is developing another important update in the near future to further streamline the test creation experience.

AI-driven Insights

In the past year, Valido App has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to provide our users personalized solutions to optimize their online store. With the latest version release, we have streamlined the way that Valido App delivers its AI-powered insights to our customers, based on issues detected through the app. 

The enhancements in Valido App 2.0 reaffirms our commitment to leveraging AI and Machine Learning, in order to help our customers improve the user experience and performance of their ecommerce stores. 

By employing AI-driven insights, Valido App users can expect a faster, smarter, and more adaptive testing and monitoring solution that adapts to the evolving ecommerce landscape. 

Take That Next Step: Elevate Your Testing Today!

Valido App 2.0 is a significant milestone for the tool and for the Valido team. Nevertheless, we are still fully-focused on delivering more important enhancements this year, and to further position Valido App as a trailblazer in intelligent and future-ready ecommerce testing solutions.

Now is the time to propel your ecommerce testing and monitoring to new heights! Start enjoying the full benefits of Health Check Monitoring, End-to-End User Experience Testing, Enhanced Test Generation, and AI-driven Insights. Take action now — start testing and optimizing your ecommerce today.

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