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Frequently Asked Questions.

Get to know Valido, the leading test automation and monitoring tool for ecommerce.

How does Valido help improve the user experience of my ecommerce website?

Valido helps improve the user experience of your ecommerce through the simulation and testing of real user interactions to ensure your website operates flawlessly. Additionally, Valido helps identify visual errors, optimize performance, and ensure a seamless customer journey. By addressing these issues, Valido enhances user satisfaction and boosts online sales.

What types of tests can I perform using Valido?

Valido provide two testing solutions:

Valido Web Score tests and monitors the overall performance and user experience of your ecommerce website, taking into account important Google metrics such as Web Vitals and Lighthouse.

Valido Testing allows you to perform a wide range of tests across the entire ecommerce user journey, including functional, visual, regression, and migration tests. You can also create personalized ecommerce test flows to simulate real user experiences and ensure your website operates flawlessly across different devices and screen sizes.

I managed several brands and country websites. Is it possible to test all of then?

Yes, Valido supports test management for multiple brands and its respective country websites.

How do I set up the Valido app for my ecommerce?

Valido is a cloud-based app, thus no software download or installation is necessary. It only takes minutes to set up an account online and to create automated tests for your ecommerce platform.

Is any technical expertise required to use Valido?

No, you don’t need extensive technical expertise to use Valido. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Its intuitive interface and automated test creations simplify the testing process, allowing you to easily set up and execute tests.

What options do I have if I don’t have the necessary resources to configure, manage or monitor my testing?

Valido offers a managed services plan that provides the configuration, management and 24×7 monitoring of your ecommerce tests. You can find out more information on our Enterprise Monitoring page.

How does Valido handle testing on different devices and screen sizes?

Valido enables you to test your ecommerce website on real devices with different browser and resolution settings. The app supports a variety of desktop, mobile and tablet devices in the market. This ensures that your website is optimized for various screen sizes, providing a consistent and optimal user experience across all devices and screen sizes.

What kind of analytics and reporting does Valido provide?

Valido provides comprehensive analytics and reporting to help you gain insights into the user experience and performance of your ecommerce. You can access detailed reports on test results, visualize trends and patterns, track key metrics and benchmark them against competitors. These analytics enable data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of your online store.

How does Valido handle security and data privacy?

Valido takes security and data privacy seriously. We implement industry-standard security measures to protect your sensitive information. Your data is encrypted and stored securely, and we adhere to strict privacy protocols to ensure confidentiality.

What support and resources are available to users of Valido?

Valido offers dedicated support and resources to its users. Our Knowledge Base contains documentation, tutorials, and guides to help you get started and make the most of the platform. Additionally, our support team is readily available to assist you and address any questions or issues you may have.

How does the pricing and subscription model work for Valido?

For detailed information about pricing and subscription plans, please visit our Pricing page. We offer flexible options to suit different business needs, and you can choose the plan that best aligns with your requirements. Feel free to reach out to our team for personalized assistance and recommendations.

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