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Case Study: How a Leading Food Brand Boosted Website Performance with Valido AI

Case Study: How a Leading Food Brand Boosted Website Performance with Valido AI

What benefits can Valido AI bring to your ecommerce website performance? What are some of the common issues that are detected and resolved through Valido’s solutions?

In this article, we will explore how a leading food brand used Valido AI to significantly improve their website performance and user experience. This case study highlights the real-life applications and benefits of Valido AI’s solutions, showcasing the impact they can have on the bottomline of ecommerce businesses.


  • A leading food brand in Spain relied on its ecommerce not only to generate sales, but also for building trust and engagement in its customer base. 
  • With Valido AI’s testing and monitoring features, the brand was able to quickly detect and resolve friction points that not only impact the user experience, but also prevent revenue leakages.
  • In addition, the brand’s digital marketing team now has better oversight of its online sales and marketing campaign executions.
  • Valido AI’s intelligent automated testing at scale has enabled the company to focus its efforts on growing its business.
Case Study Results and Statistics

About the Client

The brand has a rich history and is known for its healthy, natural, and sustainable food products. While a significant portion of its revenue comes from physical stores, the company’s ecommerce platform has become a crucial component of its overall business strategy.

The online store not only generates sales but also plays a vital role in the company’s overall marketing strategy. Customers can purchase products directly from the website, making it an important channel for building brand trust and engaging with customers.

Challenges of a Dynamic Ecommerce Platform

Running a dynamic ecommerce site comes with its own set of challenges. The company had to manage numerous moving parts as it grew its online presence:

  • Ecommerce platform growth: New features were being regularly introduced to its online store, to scale its offerings and enhance the shopping experience. 
  • Digital marketing campaigns: Whenever new digital campaigns or promotions were launched, they had to manage the UI/UX updates to their web content. This meant making sure everything looked good and worked well for their customers.

As the company’s ecommerce business grew, so did the complexity of their site. More frequent updates meant they needed a comprehensive testing schedule to catch any errors. They couldn’t rely on manual testing alone due to the impact of the changes. However, checking important features such as page navigation, checkout, and payment flows by hand was time-consuming and often led to mistakes.These circumstances made it harder for their operations to ensure a seamless user experience across the entire ecommerce site.

The company needed a more efficient way to test and monitor their ecommerce platform. They needed to catch UX errors quickly as well as have full visibility of their website performance. 

Validating the Real User Experience

The food brand needed a way to quickly find and fix these problems in its ecommerce. Valido AI provided the perfect solution.

Using Valido Testing, the company could easily set up automated tests for their online store. These tests were not solely focused on the visual aspect but also about the overall user experience. The company was able to schedule tests across different devices, screen resolutions, orientations, geographical locations, and most importantly, practical ecommerce scenarios. 

One of the key features of Valido AI is its real-time monitoring dashboard, giving the brand instant feedback on any issues detected during testing. They could see exactly what needed to be fixed, along with AI-powered suggestions on ways to resolve these issues. 

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Below are some of the high-priority issues that were proactively detected and resolved by Valido AI:

Slow page loading

Problem: Users experienced significantly longer load times on various pages, which led to higher bounce rates. With the assistance of Valido Web Score, the company was able to flag pages that failed to load within the acceptable time, and receive specific insights of what was causing the problem.

Impact: A study by Google shows that 53% of users abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. For the company, this meant a potential daily revenue loss of €1,065, equating to approximately €32,000 / month if left undetected. Without Valido AI’s monitoring capabilities, the page performance issue above could have continued until a significant revenue loss was suffered.

Incorrect application of shipping costs

Problem: A serious error was detected in the application of shipping costs, where the total was overinflated. This issue appeared intermittently and primarily impacted the checkout process for registered users. With Valido AI’s end-to-end user journey testing, the company was able to identify the issue on its store payment page. 

Impact: Users were likely to have abandoned their cart due to the excessive shipping costs applied. Hence, the continuation of this issue would have caused significant disruption to the checkout experience and lost sales. Aided by Valido’s real-time alerts, the company was able to troubleshoot and resolve this issue promptly. Continuous testing ensured the error did not reoccur, maintaining customer trust in the checkout process.

Missing Product Recommendation Carousel

Problem: The product recommendation carousel failed to display on product detail pages (PDPs) intermittently across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Impact: The absence of product recommendations led to missed upselling opportunities. Studies show that product recommendations can boost conversion rates by up to 70%. The economic impact to the company was approximately €16,320 in a span of three months.

Visual UI errors

There were a number of visual errors that were detected through the use of Valido AI. The notable examples include:

  • Incorrect display of product price: Such inconsistencies could confuse users, leading to cart abandonment.
  • Overlapping text and images: This can hide important information from users, leading to frustration and lost sales. 
  • Unintentional web code display: While this might seem minor, it could create doubts about the website’s reliability.

With Valido’s monitoring solution, we are now running daily UX testing and supervision for our two main markets. The platform has already helped us make improvements to our ecommerce and continues to do so.

Delivering an optimal user experience with Valido AI

The food brand’s journey with Valido AI demonstrates the power of test automation tools in enhancing ecommerce performance and user experience. By leveraging Valido AI, the company was able to identify and fix critical UX and performance issues, which would have been difficult to detect with traditional testing methods. It also allowed the company to focus on what matters most —  enhancing their offerings and growing their online business.

The company’s commercial team was now well-equipped to verify all the important online user journeys for strategic changes in content, prices,and campaigns. In addition to having better oversight of digital marketing campaigns, Valido AI’s comprehensive insights have transformed cross-department collaboration within the company, facilitating marketing and technical teams to come together easily to make improvements to its online store. 

If you’re looking to proactively test, monitor and audit your ecommerce website UX and performance, Valido AI is the solution you need. Try Valido AI for free today and see the difference it can make for your online store.

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