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Our mission.

Valido is a SaaS-based visual UX validation platform that enables online stores to monitor and test their ecommerce user experience.

Our aim is to make automated visual and UX testing accessible to all. We want to empower online stores to take control of their customer experience.

Our Mission

Founded by ecommerce specialists.

Valido was built to meet the demand for an ecommerce-specific UI & UX testing solution.

The team has extensive knowledge and experience in developing scalable solutions in ecommerce, thus it is able to better understand the testing needs of online B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses.

Valido Audit Team

A testing application for
an ecommerce of any size.

From small businesses to large corporations. All companies can take advantage of the Valido App functionalities.


You are an emerging online business selling from a single country store location.

You implement UI changes once a week or on occasion in order to run promotions.

As an ecommerce manager, keeping track of sales and validating product & price updates are your priorities.

Mid-market Ecommerce

Your ecommerce has an online store presence in more than one country location.

Your store experiences frequent changes due to new campaigns and store enhancements.

As a mid-market ecommerce manager, you are looking for a cost-efficient way to manage UI changes while delivering optimal customer experience.

Enterprise Ecommerce

Your online store has a multinational presence with several country sites, languages and currency options.

Your ecommerce has complex QA requirements in order to ensure the store is operating smoothly.

As a manager of a large ecommerce, you need to be able to test the CX at scale while staying in control of all the moving pieces.

Visual and UX errors affect sales.

This is how Valido can help.

Visual Errors

Valido automatically detects visual errors in your ecommerce before they reach your customers. Its easy-to-use features allow you to:

Monitor all your brands from a single dashboard.

Receive real-time alerts for immediate action.

Gain comprehensive analysis of your online store.

Valido Identifies Friction Points

Valido identifies friction points on your website, allowing you to understand where and why users are not converting through your sales funnel:

Test the actual online user experience with personalized ecommerce test flows.

Eliminate manual testing and increase productivity with automated visual QA.

Accelerate UI enhancements by improving collaboration between business and technical teams.

Valido allows you to verify that every UI functionality

Valido allows you to verify that every UI functionality for your ecommerce works as expected for every software deploy, across different operating systems, devices and browsers:

Get immediate feedback on the real user experience with every code change.

Deploy quickly and with confidence, without having to worry about undetected visual bugs.

Easily integrate visual testing into your workflows and processes.

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