Build better e-commerce!

Valido is designed with the best of e-commerce in mind, with real-time access and comprehensive analysis of your online store's UI and customer experience. So you can respond faster, optimize better and build the perfect user experience.

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Monitor and track visual changes with a functional app for e-commerce teams

Valido is the pioneer solution in the market that monitors UI/UX accuracy for e-commerce businesses.

  • Real-time testing and analysis application
  • SaaS-based platform, available any time, anywhere
  • A service designed for optimal collaboration between business and technical teams
  • Easy integration with business and commercial processes
  • Flexible, easy customizable tests, ideal for dynamic e-commerce sites

Bring a seamless experience to your users

UI errors cost money. Implement an automatic solution for tracking visual changes with features that bring a top-level user experience.

  • Full control of cart and checkout

    Create a test with one simple step to ensure that the cart and checkout functions are always working for the final customer, irrespective of country and device.

  • Functionalities

    Keep track of changes to campaigns, catalog, sales & content on different markets and locations.

  • Effective monitoring

    Monitor UI / UX accuracy and effectiveness. Receive results and alerts in real-time.

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