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Intelligent test automation and monitoring for your ecommerce.

Enhance the customer journey and boost online sales. With intelligent automation, easy testing features, and real-time monitoring, our cutting-edge solution empowers online businesses to deliver seamless performance and better user experiences.

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Stay on top of your online store performance.

Valido Web Score is an all-in-one performance measurement tool that analyzes key metrics for your online business, providing valuable insights to enhance user engagement and drive better sales.

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Valido Web Score

Measure and monitor important ecommerce user experience metrics: Web Vitals, Page Speed Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, and PWA.

Valido Web Score

Start testing your ecommerce for free.

Quickly analyze your site just by entering the URL address in the input below!

Catch bugs that impact the user experience and sales conversions.

See how Valido’s test automation platform can revolutionize your ecommerce operations to increase quality, deliver with speed, and eliminate issues that impact revenue.


Valido Testing

Create dynamic tests to ensure the best user navigation and checkout experience, across multiple devices and locations.

Valido Testing

Leveraging the power of AI to test and improve your ecommerce.

  • Take advantage of Generative AI to quickly obtain personalized solutions that help you boost your Web Scores performance.
  • Run intelligent tests that automatically adapt to changes in user behavior on the front-end, thanks to Machine Learning.
  • Generate tests for your ecommerce with a single click, based on automated predictions of user sessions.

“It took just a few test executions to locate an issue affecting the user experience of our checkout. We are now adopting Valido as an important part of our active monitoring infrastructure.”

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Test, optimize, and deliver the perfect digital user experience.