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Valido provides a comprehensive real-time analysis of your online store's UI and customer experience.

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Take control of your ecommerce

Test in any market or country where you are selling online. Valido helps you manage the entire visual experience of your ecommerce: navigation, add-to-cart, login, registration, checkout, and more.

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Best-in-class validation platform

Respond faster, optimize better and build the perfect ecommerce user experience.

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Our main features,
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Valido works for your e-commerce site

Visual Validation.

Create a test with one simple step to ensure the best cart and checkout experience for the final customer, irrespective of location and device.

Testing what matters on your e-commerce

Web Scores.

Keep track of your ecommerce web scores: Performances, SEO, Best practices, Accessibility and PWA.

Monitoring the e-commerce

Effective monitoring.

Monitor UI / UX accuracy and effectiveness. Receive results and alerts in real-time.

Valido X Factors

Built for ecommerce

SaaS-based platform, available anytime, anywhere to validate your ecommerce UX, 24x7x365.

See immediate results

Our free assessment allows online retailers to see first-hand how Valido can maximize their ROI.

100% personalized

Create as many different ecommerce flows for testing: from the user navigation to the checkout journey.

Progressive Web App

Valido is built as a PWA: it is installable on your desktop or mobile so that you can access it at any time.

Different markets

Validate the visual appearance of your site by geographical location, to ensure an optimal user experience for your customers.

Dynamic sites

Flexible and easy-to-customize tests, ideal for online stores with dynamic content.

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We can look after the configuration, management and 24x7 monitoring of your visual tests, through our managed services plan. This way you can focus more on growing your business.

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"It took just a few execution runs to locate an issue affecting the user experience of our checkout. We are adopting Valido as an important part of our active monitoring infrastructure".

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"After an initial test configuration by the Valido team, we are now running daily visualization tests for our Spanish market. Everything is going smooth and we are already detecting multiple areas of improvement".

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"We are constantly running catalog navigation tests with Valido, to make sure that seasonal marketing campaign changes affecting our products are always as expected".

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"We run a substantial set of tests every hour to keep an eye on three of our main international brands, including multi country and A/B testing. Valido has helped us detect various issues that other APM platforms are not able to find".

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